She-Ra is 30 this year: Let us count the ways she kicks He-Man’s ass


She Ra She-Ra sighs as she realises yet again she has to save He-Man (Picture: Filmation)

It was a fantasy battle that stretched from the far-away lands of Eternia and Etheria and into a million playgrounds.

So who would really win in a fight… He-Man or She-Ra?

The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon first appeared in 1983, while She-Ra got her own show, She-Ra: Princess of Power, in 1985, making this year her 30th anniversary.

In theory, the two cartoons were drawn along gender lines: if you were a boy, you liked He-Man; if you were a girl, you liked She-Ra.

But with the benefit of three decades of hindsight, it’s pretty clear that She-Ra was one of the coolest animated females of the 1980s, while her twin brother He-Man (Yes! They were twins!) was a muscle-bound dolt.

Here are the reasons why She-Ra was better than He-Man.


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