Angela Lansbury rubbing herself in cream and exercising in a onesie is mesmerising


Here is Jessica Fletcher as you’ve never seen her before.

Rubbing herself in cream, Angela Lansbury takes us through her daily routine.

‘I have a little routine that helps me swing in to action each morning. After I get out of the shower, I give myself a mini massage with aloe lotion,’ she tells us in a ‘Positive Moves’ clip that has surfaced on YouTube.

‘By doing this massage every day I am literally staying in touch with my body. I can’t help but be aware of whether or not I’m in shape.’

angela2Still massaging her body, she adds: ‘I take these few moments to focus on the day ahead.’

The video was filmed in 1988, when she was also appearing as Jessica Fletcher for Murder She Wrote, the classic daytime TV mystery series that ran for 12 years from 1984 to 1996.

angelaAngela then takes us through some unique exercise strategies including ‘onland swimming’…

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