Tiny abandoned penguin now weighs the equivalent of 14 Penguin bars


penguin 2 Want proof you say? (Picture: PA)

This tiny penguin weighed only 85g (that’s just over three Penguin biscuits) when it hatched at Scotland’s Blair Drummond Safari Park on March 29.

Despite being abandoned by its parents at birth, two weeks later, it has piled on the grams and now weighs the equivalent of a whole pack of Penguins.

Its amazing progress is thanks to the staff at the park, and foster penguin parents Freckles and Sheldon, who helped by incubating and rearing the chick after its biological parents abandoned the egg.

The park’s penguin keeper Coni McEwan said the little Humboldt penguin chick, which has not yet been named as keepers are waiting to determine its sex, is putting on weight at a healthy rate.

Penguin The little chick is now being looked after by foster parents (Picture: PA)

Coni said: ‘It only weighed 85 grams after hatching and after today’s weighing in…

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