Reading for Fun is Serious Business by Lisa Schroeder

Nerdy Book Club

Patio ReadingWhen I visit with kids and talk about being an author, I tell them they may be surprised to learn that I didn’t major in Creative Writing or English in college. I majored in Business, and worked in Human Resources for a number of years. Reading a ton of middle-grade and young adult novels was my schooling for becoming an author. Well, that and writing a bunch of bad stories, too. Just like anything, the more you practice, the better you get when it comes to writing. And I have always believed reading a lot is really important to becoming a good writer as well. (If you can do it on the patio, in the sunshine, even better.) But I didn’t have any proof, per se, that reading affects writing, until my youngest entered middle school.

I should back up here for a moment and tell you that my older…

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