It’s Scrabble Day! Come and meet the 12 best tiles on the Scrabble board


IMG_0042 Read ’em and weep: All the As… (Picture: RossMcG)

It’s Scrabble Day today, in case you hadn’t noticed.

It is held each year on the date of birth of its creator, American architect Alfred Mosher Butts, who came up with the game in the late 1930s.

In an ideal world, today would be a bank holiday, people would have Scrabble street parties, and a parade would be organised along The Mall in London up to Buckingham Palace to honour the Scrabble tiles that have done so much for us over the years.

These tiny squared heroes each have a numerical value, but you can’t put a number on the place we have reserved for them in our hearts.

They spend most of their lives huddled together in the dark prison of a linen bag. But when we pour them on to the table once a year on a whim, they…

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