20 children’s drawings that didn’t quite get it right


funny children drawings fail But why can’t it go on the fridge mummy? (Picture: Rants from mommyland)

Children are a source of constant entertainment – often totally unintentionally.

Take these drawings for instance; from unfortunate misspellings to phallic-looking mushrooms, fire hoses and even apples, it’s amazing how easily an innocent picture can turn into something totally NSFW.

We’ve rounded up 20 of the best, rude, funny and totally inappropriate kids drawings, below.

We’re pretty sure none of these made it onto the fridge gallery.

1. The primary school player.

AD_165330687.jpg (Picture: Rants from mommyland)

2. These are apples. APPLES.

AD_165330674.jpg (Picture: Rants from mommyland)

3. This is a bucking horse. BUCKING.

AD_165330672.jpg (Picture: Rants from mommyland)

4. The one with all the boobies.

AD_165330686.jpg (Picture: Rants from mommyland)

5. The one with the ladies worshiping at the alter of the giant penis.

AD_165330684.jpg (Picture: Rants from mommyland)

6. The one that’s a bit Breaking Bad.

AD_165330683.jpg (Picture: Rants from mommyland)

7. These are…

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