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post-vintage-green-victor-england-kitchen-weighing-scales-with-vintage-weights-2281-pFirst Memory

Playing in my Grandma’s pantry with all the tins of food and playing ‘shop’. It was under thestairs and contained all her tins of food and dry stuff and an old set of scales with the weights on. oh and a tin opener attached to the wall. We spent ages in there.

Favourite Books

LBC Puffins LogoToughy. A few from childhood – The Silver sword , Mrs Frisby and the rats of NIMH, The little book of brownies. Since taking up reading again in 2004 after staying in caravan over the summer, pride and prejudice, I’ll always be grateful to that 30p copy. The Princess Bride.  The book of lost things  by John Connolly.

And the list will grow as I run LBCPuffins for Leeds Book Club and go to other meetings to.

I’ve never been a writer, I took up this blog a few years ago after a creative writing class and someone suggested its a good way to get people to listen and also learn stuff. When I am in the mood its like going for a run for me. Good to get stuff out there.


My Mum. Who with everything she has to deal with is always there for me. Even if I think I am the worst daughter at times. But that’s just my overthinking negativity.

Guilty Pleasures

Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice, or anything really.

And, for the final part of the Blog Hop, I’m now going to suggest you hop over to see my friends on these other blogs and see what they have to say. Enjoy!

Kirsty who nominated me at

My beloved book club at  leeds

Dave at

Ewan at

Steve at

my Sister at

and thank you to the person who started it via



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