I was……

I was born…. with a mop of dark hair early in the morning, apparently so I could have my breakfast,dinner and tea

My first memories are…. Playing in my Grandma’s pantry with all the tins of food and playing ‘shop’

I remember my Mum …. letting us be creative at the kitchen table with salt dough

In my dreams I used to… believe there was a Mr Darcy and we had a massive wedding and he didn’t care how i looked or danced

I love… Chocolate, reading, book club, running, cleaning. drawing when I am in the right frame of mind. Daisies, cheesy american programmes such as Murder she wrote. Cheesy pop music.

I don’t like… How I am struggling with anxiety at times even though I know what’s worrying me is not important and sometimes quite silly

I have been to…. Lands End and took a selfie with the sign because it was too expensive to get my photo taken 😀

Since 7 0’clock this morning I have….. I have done two lads of washing and spent 3 hours going through notebooks for reviews and realising you shouldn’t let things pile up.

What interests me now…. to be constantly learning new things and improving my skills, to experience new things.

I cannot understand why…. Why we have to judge each other. Why we can’t understand that we made be made of the same stuff, but we have different backgrounds. It’s ok to be a bookworm or to like the simple things. It’s ok if we’re struggling at things that others find easy. We are after all individuals.

I wish….. I could feel normal again. To stop worrying and be proud of what I’ve achieved.


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