Enid Blyton Challenge Book 07 – The Adventures of the Wishing Chair


One of our Superstar Guest Stars has agreed to a new challenge based on our chats relating to #LBCPuffins.

Can’t wait to read each review as they come! Huge thanks – as always – to Helen…though now I think on it…missing out on all these wonderful stories… Clearly we need each other!
Helen’s Enid Blyton Challenge

About the Author

The Adventures of
the Wishing Chair

I’ve fallen behind on my challenge. A lot behind. I started to struggle with a couple of Enid’s books and decided to get back into it. This was June’s choice and I have fallen in love with this. I had to remember this is a book for children and to not be as critical over as I was with the enchanted wood which felt a bit strange. I’m convinced I read this as a child but I can’t remember. The illustrations…

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