Planning the future. I’m doing a lot of reading and thinking lately on improving myself, on my management skills and on promoting events and offers. I’m also trying to catch up on reading for book club, but the choices are stumping me and i’m not sure if that’s because of how I have been feeling or whether certain books are just not for me. But giving up on a book, is happening more and more lately so I’ve been looking at stepping back and trying to cut down computer time. It will be a slow process. Someone   suggested to me at looking at mood boards to create goals. I started this last year and somehow completely ignored it. now the upstairs room is becoming more and more a place for creativity its time to make some changes. You’ll find my first board below. It’s what every one wants really, stuff, useless stuff. moodboard

I’ll be working on the personal one during the week. For now I need to go read a book.

Thank you for reading



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