Genius father-daughter team create stop-motion Jurassic Park using ‘$100,000 worth of Lego’


Hold on to your bricks and check this out.

Genius father-daughter team Paul and Hailee Hollingsworth have created a stop-motion version of Jurassic Park.

The duo created the film over their Christmas holiday to show that anything can be built with Lego.

Digital Wizardz uploaded the 3 minute clip to YouTube earlier this month, adding that Paul, Hailee and their mates ‘combined over $100,000 of Lego pieces to make this epic stop-motion production’.

This animated version of the classic Steven Spielberg film isn’t just impressive for its visuals, it’s bloody hilarious too.

We’re fully expecting another stop-motion rendering of the upcoming sequel Jurassic World, which is out June 12.

If you’d like a peek at what went into making this film, check out the behind-the-scenes video here.

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