LBC Puffins – Matilda Write Up – GUEST


LBC Puffins
Venue: Outlaws Yacht Club
Date:  Wednesday, 20th of February 2013
Time:  6pm
Address: 38 New York Street, LS2 YDY


Our write up here is supplied by regular book clubber and book lover extra-ordinarie @AlisonNeale. We rate this report: A* 
SCHOOL REPORT:  Matilda, by Roald Dahl


The first LBCPuffins demonstrated a trait probably likely
to be a recurring theme in this book club: nostalgia. Most
of the Puffins had read the book when young and felt that it
had stood the test of time. Some felt themselves transported
back to childhood as they read, with clear memories of events
and illustrations, and even the book tape to which they had
Some Puffins, while enjoying Matilda, pointed out that it
wasn’t as imaginative as other Dahl books. It was agreed that

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