This duvet hack will change your life


DUVETApparently it’s all about the burrito roll.

And no, we’re not talking about lunch, but an incredible life-changing duvet hack.

Getting a duvet into a duvet cover is universally considered one of the worst household tasks. In fact, for many it’s more dreaded than cleaning the loo.

But not any more, because this duvet hack changes EVERYTHING.

Seriously, if you can master this technique – which its fans promise is super-duper foolproof simple – it’ll mean the end of duvet-wrangling forever.

[metro-fact-box title=”So what’s the deal here?” colour=”orange” icon=”exclamation” size=”full”]

Well, as the name suggests, it’s all about rolling.

Step 1: Turn your duvet cover inside out and lie it flat on your bed

Step 2: Lie your duvet flat on top

Step 3: Starting at the open end of the duvet cover, roll the duvet and cover together right to the end, like you’re rolling a burrito.

Step 4:

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