Fifteen thoughts every parent has while watching children’s TV


postman pat (Picture: BBC)

It must have seemed like such a wonderful idea. Give Postman Pat a new job and a gyrocopter, and send him off on a series of thrilling adventures.

But as a discussion on the CBeebies Facebook page earlier this month proved, a large number of parents (myself included) have noticed that when it comes to quality of service, Pat’s really not delivering any more.

Mind you, if you watch as much children’s television as I do, you tend to notice an awful lot…

1. When did Postman Pat jump the shark? (Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service, CBeebies)

He has one special delivery a day. He makes deadlines by the skin of his teeth, sometimes not at all. The parcels are frequently crushed or damaged or ‘altered’ by Ted Glen, thereby invalidating their warranty.

It didn’t used to be this way. Pat used to get the post done, rescue Peter Fogg’s…

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