Is there anybody there?

I don’t know what your take on the spirit world is, I’m not sure on mine. I was lead to believe there was no such thing, and as much as I loved Most Haunted, always felt if you sat in a dark room of course any sound is going to sound like a ghost.

Growing up in Spennymoor, neighbouring towns and cites are full of ghost stories. I’ve always had an interest in the family past and have wondered whether I should have been the eldest and not my brother. As in I sometimes feel like I was born old. That just might be because I started looking after Mum and Jane from an early age. Not in a big way, but always felt I needed to help and not misbehave, or try not to.

Anyway, to the point, on Friday I went to a psychic group meeting, not knowing really what would happen I was eager to try something new. I’m not sure if they can or can’t talk to the dead, but I just wanted to see what happened, and for me, it helped me. I’ve always loved the idea that ones we have loved are around us, and thinking what’s this daft beggar doing now. It sounds daft but going to the event, I think it was a trigger to release some tension. It’s been a while coming, and tonight I’m missing book club, that’s how bad it’s got. In the room there were about 20 people, we were told to take 9 cards and that a short reading would be done in the group then an individual one outside. Me, not sure what was going to happen sat there arms crossed, and tensed up. She went round people, in between saying out names, and Mary popped up. Mary was my Grandmother’s name, and yes you could say it was a lucky guess but let me finish. It was interesting to see people’s reactions as she did their readings, and I thought about the clip in Harry Potter – ‘open your mind’.

When it came to my turn, she asked who Mary was and I said my Grandma and she said that she was telling me to stop being so negative and to seek the positive and to start trusting people. Because apparently I don’t trust men with wigs or was it hair and shoes. Now that sounded strange. Then she said that I had let a few good relationships go because I didn’t trust people. She then went on to say something about my Dad and that I was much like her and him. mmm,  not sure on that bit mind. Although I can be stubborn.

I then went out for my personal reading, and burst into tears, and got told some very interesting things which I want to keep secret incase they do come true. Yes I know its silly.

When I got home that night I curled up in a tight ball and sobbed my heart out. I then felt a great pressure on me, and part of me wanted to believe someone was hugging me. It did me the world of good and yes I may go again. It’s done no harm and I had a fab night out with my friend.

Like my Mum said on the phone and like in the Walt Disney film Meet the Robinson’s:


So Jane if you read this. Thank Mum for me, and I propbably will go for another visit but not to worry I’m not going to start ghost hunting.  It’s time to look after me Time to spring clean the house and my mind. I do so much with a full time job and book club and trying to have a life, I don’t realise how busy I get, I need to just make sure I take some me time a bit more often.

Thank you for reading



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