Paper-back to the Future… BookElf’s List.


Lists of Books What You Should Have Read are more popular than ever; the Richard and Judy list-of-the-decade has been floating about (see below), as well as the usual ‘1000 books to read before youd die’ that N kindly sent me on a spreadsheet…

Am I the only one who is made to feel incredibly inadequet as a reader by these lists? I’ve read less than a third of the Richard and Judy one, and am ashamed, I read a lot. Infact I have very little of a life outside of reading.

I got “noted” (is that what the kids are calling it these days?) on a Facebook books-to-read thing the other day and had barely read three quarters of them. I’ll say it again I have no life outside of my books.

So I thought balls to this, I’m making my own list! One I’m *gurenteed* to…

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