Man uses flip book animation to propose to his girlfriend


(Picture: YouTube) It started with a ball (Picture: YouTube)

It’s not about the money spent but the thought that counts – and this chap has definitely gone the extra mile with his animated proposal.

Using the medium of a flip book, he started off with an innocuous tale of a couple playing fetch with a pet dog.

However, when the dog runs back, it isn’t the ball in his mouth but a small box.

What happens next is romantic history.

Here are the short story’s key plot points:

1. The cute dog ready for fetch:

(Picture: YouTube) Oh look, a dog (Picture: YouTube)

2. The unwitting girlfriend throws the yellow ball:

(Picture: YouTube) Girl throws ball (Picture: YouTube)

The dog bounds off after the ball:

(Picture: YouTube) Fetch (Picture: YouTube)

What, where’s the ball? What’s the significance of this grey box?

(Picture: YouTube) Huh? (Picture: YouTube)

Ah…inside the box and indeed the flip book is the engagement ring (cheekily breaking the fourth wall).

(Picture: YouTube) Fourth…

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