living the dream

It’s book club day and I’ve finished the book. I nearly gave up on it like so many times in the past year, either because of leaving it to late and feeling the pressure to get it finished or not liking it, or both. today I had over half the book to finish and I ploughed through it,in-between rearranging the living room. I’m glad I did as it’s not  something I’d think to pick even though I have always had a slight interest in the Greek myths partly because of my name and also because I also like stories myths.


after seeing a friend’s tweet I realise that there won’t be a bookclub for a whole 10 days!!!! What will I do???? I know catch up on all the work I had to do like researching social media and business and designing logos and leaflets and read the comics we borrowed from OK Comics, as usual anything Kirsty and I set to read I always find myself behind. :D. But a week without book club just doesn’t seem right after the initial burst of 2015. The
start of the year is always strange. we get over Christmas the massive rush, the stress it brings, to then go into a month that is the leftovers, no money,tired and then there is the weather. It’s hard to keep motivated. this year is different for me it’s more a case of finding the time to do everything, I am so excited about the projects I have going on and being able to create things. I’m buzzing with things I can create and find my self getting more excited about the littlest of things. I feel like I’m finally beginning to live.

Thank you for reading


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