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World Book Night 2015 and the benefits of reading

I have been lucky enough to be a World Book Night Giver. I am so excited. Last year I organised (with some help) an event at the White Swan pub in Leeds and hope to be doing it again this year after some excellant feedback at book club. I’m hoping this year to book the day off and then I can prepare a bit earlier rather than rushing from work. What an excllant way to end a Monday though.

Here’s why everyone should read taken from their site here

Benefits of reading

Quick Reads have published research, commissioned by their sponsor Galaxy, looking at how reading can impact on people’s health and well-being. Here are some of their key findings:

  • People who read for just 30 minutes per week are 20% more likely to be satisfied with their lives
  • Readers are 21% less likely to report feelings of depression and 10% more likely to report good self-esteem versus non-readers
  • 19% of readers said reading stopped them feeling lonely
  • Regular readers reported 57% greater cultural awareness and 21% more general knowledge
  • 43% of readers said reading helped them get a better night’s sleep

With lack of time cited as biggest barrier to picking up a book (42%), Quick Reads are an ideal tool to help people back into reading.

So pick up a book and start reading, you’ll never know what you might find. Then join a book club. They’re not like you think 😀

Review: LBCPuffins – Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce


LBC Puffins

LBC Puffins LogoDate: Wednesday 18th of February 2015

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: White Swan Leeds

 Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce1543387

Lying awake at night, Tom hears the old grandfather clock downstairs strike . . . eleven . . . twelve . . . thirteen . . . Thirteen! When Tom gets up to investigate, he discovers a magical garden. A garden that everyone told him doesn’t exist. A garden that only he can enter . . .

About this Author

Philippa Pearce was one of the twentieth century’s greatest children’s writers. Her books include Tom’s Midnight Garden, winner of the Carnegie Medal; The Squirrel Wife, illustrated by Wayne Anderson; and A Finder’s Magic, created for her two grandsons and illustrated by their other grandmother, Helen Craig. Philippa Pearce died in 2006.





‘A beautiful and haunting story’ loved by kids and adults alike


The one thing about…

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Review- LBCOutlaws -Along Came a Spider


LBC Outlaws

Date:  Wednesday 4th of February 2015
Time:  6:00pm
Address: Harper Street, LS2 7EA





He had always wanted to be famous. When he kidnapped two well-known rich kids, it was headline news. Then one of them was found – dead – and the whole nation was in uproar. For such a high-profile case, they needed the top people – Alex Cross, a black detective with a PhD in psychology, and Jezzie Flanagan, an ambitious young Secret Service agent – yet even they were no match for the killer. He had the unnerving ability to switch from blood-crazed madness to clear-eyed sanity in an instant. But was he the helpless victim of a multiple-personality disorder – or a brilliant, cold-blooded manipulator?

along came a spiderThis was a book picked by Helen. I really should have done this before my notes stopped making…

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LBC White Swan – Books ‘un’ picked


As always we have a list left over, so if you’re looking for some suggestions, have a look here!

BURIAL RITES – Hannah Kent

THE LACUNA – Barbara Kingsolver

THE CRANE WIFE – Patrick Ness

WANDERLUST – Rebecca Solnit

DRACULA – Bram Stoker

REBECCA – Daphne Du Maurier

UNDER HEAVEN – Guy Gavriel Kay x2

HOMICIDE – David Simon

THE WIND UP GIRL – Paolo Bacigalupi

GOOD OMENS – Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett


HOW TO BUILD A GIRL – Caitlin Moran

THE CITY AND THE CITY – China Mieville

ALIAS GRACE – Margaret Atwood




THE PENELOPIAD – Margaret Atwood



SALEM’S LOT – Stephen King


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EVENT – Leeds Libraries Quiz Takeover


Leeds Libraries Quiz Takeover
 leeds library

Venue: White Swan Leeds, Swan Street, Leeds

Date:  Thursday 19th of February 2015
Time:  7:00pm

Leeds Libraries will be taking over the White Swan on Thursday the 19th of February!

Pop in from 7pm to enjoy a night of literary wonder in a delightful location, including a quiz that I can only imagine will be very book-orientated!


For more details, send a tweet to @LeedsLibraries

library for leeds

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LBC Dystopia – Uglies write-up


24770Date: Wednesday 28th January 2015
Venue: Crowd of Favours, Harper Street, Leeds



Blurb (from Amazon):

Tally lives in a world where your sixteenth birthday brings aesthetic perfection: an operation which erases all your flaws, transforming you from an ‘Ugly’ into a ‘Pretty’. She is on the eve of this important event, and cannot wait for her life to change. As well as guaranteeing supermodel looks, life as a Pretty seems to revolve around having a good time. But then she meets Shay, who is also fifteen – but with a very different outlook on life. Shay isn’t sure she wants to be Pretty and plans to escape to a community in the forest – the Rusty Ruins – where Uglies go to escape ‘ turning’. Tally won’t be persuaded to join her, as this would involve sacrificing everything she’s ever wanted for a lot of…

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Paper-back to the Future… BookElf’s List.


Lists of Books What You Should Have Read are more popular than ever; the Richard and Judy list-of-the-decade has been floating about (see below), as well as the usual ‘1000 books to read before youd die’ that N kindly sent me on a spreadsheet…

Am I the only one who is made to feel incredibly inadequet as a reader by these lists? I’ve read less than a third of the Richard and Judy one, and am ashamed, I read a lot. Infact I have very little of a life outside of reading.

I got “noted” (is that what the kids are calling it these days?) on a Facebook books-to-read thing the other day and had barely read three quarters of them. I’ll say it again I have no life outside of my books.

So I thought balls to this, I’m making my own list! One I’m *gurenteed* to…

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Hyde Park Picture House – they’re book lovers too! Also – COMPETITION!!


There is nothing better than finding like minded people from all around the world on twitter. Except, of course, finding like minded people based LOCALLY on twitter. And if they happen to be people or groups that I already admire and like – all the better!!!

The ever inviting Hyde Park Picture House

Discovering that the Hyde Park Picture House is a fellow book lover definitely hits that mark!

TheHyde Park Picture House – a small independent cinema, right in the heart of the student occupied Hyde Park – first opened during the Great War (that’d be WW1 to non-history lovers). Since then, it has provided a haven in Leeds – taking wars; talkies; economic downturns; television and home media in its stride.

Obviously, HPPH show movies – but they don’t restrict themselves to the most recent blockbusters of the day – rather they try to highlight the best of the rest – be it…

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Benedict Cumberbatch Marries Sophie Hunter


Those sounds you hear? They’re the sobs of Cumberbabes across the world.

Benedict Cumberbatch is officially off the market. The Imitation Game actor tied the knot with theater director Sophie Hunter on Saturday.

The private ceremony took place at St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church in Mottistone, located on the Isle of Wight in England. A reception followed at Mottistone Manor.

The medieval church was constructed in the 12th century. The manor is maintained by the National Trust and was first mentioned in the Domesday Book, which was completed in 1068. The oldest parts of the home that currently stands on the estate date back to the 15th century.

A local townsperson tells PEOPLE that Mottistone Manor has a special connection to Hunter as she is related to the Nicholson family, who live on the estate. The family, who are descendants of the 1st Lord Mottistone, bequeathed the estate to…

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