Think Smarter on… Starting up with Nicholas Lovell

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This week, we’re sharing insight from top business experts on starting up, whatever your business idea this January. Author of The Curve and digital business expert Nicholas Lovell shares his five ways to kick-start your startup idea in 2015 exclusively for Think Smarter. Sign up to the Think Smarter newsletter to get a wealth of brain boosting content from some of our top non-fiction authors sent straight to your inbox, every week this January. 

1. Watch a movie

No, not The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin’s tale of how Facebook was founded: it’s a terrible representation of the genesis of a startup and showcases Hollywood’s obsession with the big idea. People who write stories for a living think that the idea is everything; people who build successful businesses that employ people and generate profits know that execution is everything. Every successful entrepreneur says that hard work, resilience and smart execution are key; very…

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