Reading Resolutions 2015



For the most part, I’m attempting to avoid the New Year, New Me trap – every year I get all excited and then realise that it’s the same me after all!

Just with attached guilt for failing to become a fit, healthy eating, multi-linguistic musician!

However, I do find it useful to reflect on the previous years reading habits.

For 2015


Read 1 book every 2 months that’s just for me

In 2014, I  arrived at December and realised that across the year, I’d read exactly 2 books of my own choosing. Don’t get me wrong – I love the book clubs and the huge variety of styles and generas that get picked.

However, I miss me MY books too (even my grammar is effected!). Science Fiction; poetry; an Agatha Christie re-read; perhaps the odd non-fiction book – it doesn’t matter *what* as long as it’s something purely for me.


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