Save our libraries

As more and more people buy cheap books, use kindles, our libraries are being used less for borrowing books and more for free internet. In most eyes it is no longer fashionable to sit in silence among the shelves of books or go hunting for research, as now it can all be found by a press of a button. When I was a child we spent hours sat in the library among the books, and in recent years going to book club I have been borrowing books to save myself money, and to do my part in keeping the library going, and it worked a treat especially if I didn’t like the book. One librarian said to me ‘it’s good to see people borrowing books’ and that’s sad to hear. Books are a route to our imagination, to waken our souls and make us feel alive. Now we are bombarded by so much information and our senses are dulled by watching TV. We need to read more, our brains are always active and need to be fed. Our libraries provide a free service and we don’t use it, granted work life gets in the way, but like most things we need to make time and we can make time.

The reason for this post is that my friend found a load of her old videos and one of them was Disney’s The  Page Master, I just sat and watched through the credits and the making of the film came on. They had to hand draw each and every cell, and then paint them. It was amazing to watch.

untitledThe Page Master 1994 – blurb from

Richard Tyler is the world’s safest kid – fearful of everything. His worst nightmare comes true when a freak storm strikes whilst he’s out on his bike. Taking refuge in a library he meets the Pagemaster, a magical figure who introduces him to the amazing world of literature.


Includes great lines like


Fantasy: What do you mean grabbing a person by the pantyhose like that? Now I’ve got to straighten out my Little Mermaid underwear.

‘Adventure says a kiss would make the ending good, yelling in anger when Horror does so instead of Fantasy.’

Jamaican Pirate: One gold piece! This is your treasure, is it. Let’s kill him and eat his parrot.

I’m not one for sitting through the credits of a film, but recently found at the end of it there is always a little snippet of something. With DVD’s all bonus features have their own sections, when watching the VHS the making of it was after the credits and it showed how they made the film and how each scene was hand drawn and then painted. Each second was drawn in pencil and then transferred to cell for painting. It was mind blowing. Today everything seems to be instant, or a touch of a button, that’s what’s constantly advertised, but in reality some things take time and people just don’t have the patience to wait anymore. Over Christmas I was back in my old job, instead of people ‘weighing’ their cups of coffee and saying it didn’t have enough milk in it  was a case of waiting longer to get that Christmas present, which they had all year to prepare for but left it to the last week. The rudeness was incredible.

It’s one day of the year and everyone goes crazy. Any way I’ve gone off track, I loved this film, reading has been hit and miss for me this year, so my goal next year is to read 60 books. I have so far managed 52 this year and I am taking on another book club in the new year so my idea is to read a book a week and spend at least an hour a day reading, whether its in bits or the full hour, that means I get some ‘me’ time. Lets hope I can stick to it. In the mean time I have ordered the DVD of the Page master and can’t wait for it arrive. In the meantime go visit your local library and borrow a book or two. You never know what you might find.

Thank you for reading



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