Books to cheer a person up!

The picture at the bottom is to die for


Earlier this week, a member of the twitterati posted a shout out to her fellow book clubbers asking for recommendations for books that could distract and cheer a person up.

It was surprisingly difficult at first – instantly the most miserable books we’ve ever read jumped to mind (ahem). Or ones that are personally perfect but more tricky to explain (especially in 140 characters) – such as Anne Frank’s Diary or His Dark Materials.

They lift me up when I’ve lost my way but aren’t exactly works that make you laugh aloud!
We had a right giggle about how miserable our tastes were as a collective before the wheels in our heads started turning and we were able to offer a few (hopefully) viable suggestions.
Course, once I’d started thinking down this vein, I couldn’t stop. So, I’ve had a think about some of my favourite go-to-when-I’m-down-in-the-dumps books…

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