Father Christmas at the West Yorkshire Playhouse


Bloomin’ Christmas! Father Christmas awakes from a dream of summer sun only to realise that it’s bloomin’ Christmas Eve and the start of his longest night of the year. As he gathers the reindeer and prepares his sleigh, Father Christmas begins the long journey into the snowy night to deliver presents to sleeping children all over the world. But things don’t run smoothly and he soon encounters soot covered chimneys and treacherous weather conditions, meanwhile plenty of mischief is being had by his cheeky pets, Cat and Dog.

West Yorkshire Playhouse production of Raymond Briggs' FATHER CHRISTMAS Photo West Yorkshire Playhouse

It’s hard to believe that Raymond Briggs created his irreverent version of Father Christmas over 40 years ago, especially as it feels at once fresh and fun, as well as established and traditional in this gloriously visual show.

Seamus O’Neill once again ably embodies the hero of the season. Bluff and gruff, yet calm and collected; Father Christmas allows us a peek into…

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