Dear Santa, can I have a My Little Pony? 10 reasons why Christmas was better in the 70s and 80s


AD_153067115.jpg Remember that old school tinsel? (Picture: Getty)

It’s easy to look back at those yellow and orange photographs of Christmas from the 70s and 80s and laugh at the cheesy jumpers, the cheesy grins and the fact you only had one type of cheese in the fridge.

But as you smirk at the past whilst ordering your smart Scandi themed decorations and array of modern foodstuffs online just think – you probably won’t have a photograph of this year’s festivities to look back on.

Because you probably won’t get a real camera out to take one, you won’t have that exciting wait for a week to see if that picture you took of Gran sleeping in her chair after dinner came out.

Because you’ll spend the day on your smartphone and social media like you do every day.

Because Christmas probably won’t be as brilliant this year as it was in…

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