Health Check 2014

So as 2014 draws to a close another year gone just like that, I’m pondering what the next year will bring. I’m hoping things will settle down.

Today I finally got to have an appointment with the nurse for my contraceptive pill, I take it to handle my periods as I suffer badly with them and its like magic. I’ve got other appointments coming up next week and in December but all is well. I also recieved a certificate for limited help so if I need new glasses or perhaps fancy a wig I can get hlep with costs. Finally discounts coming my way.

Just under four years ago I lost quite a bit of weight, I went down to just under 8 stone and started losing my memory and you could say perhaps a few of my marbles. In the last year or so some of it down to stress, some down to stupid hours and irregular eating and of course lack of exercise the weight has gradually crept on. It’s not a big concern , apart from clothes not fitting, but apparently your weigh and height make your BMI (body mass index) and this can affect the way your pill works. So last time I went about 6 months ago I was around 11.6 stone or something like that. since then I’ve felt a lot heavier and flabbier. However I have only put on half a stone since then and now I’m a lovely 12 stone. I love the weight now but need to tone up. I need to run again! I need the time to run and the money to buy new shoes.

So my goal for 2015 is to get fit and maintain that and make sure even if I do eat at silly tines that it is the right food. In the last few months I’ve beem stockpiling food, from rice to tinned peaches I almost have a mini supermarket, I’ve also stocked up on fresh veg and will be making cornbeef hotpot, that way I can have my 5 a day 2-3 days in a row 😀


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