Just a thought,,,

I’m at Mum’s first time in months and I’m ill. Last time I with ill and here it was swine flu. Although it’s not likely to happen again ever since that time 5 years ago I have been fearful of getting a cold, thinking it might turn into that. Also I can’t sit still. I hate feeling yuk. my legs have given in and my chest is just useless at this time. When it gets bad I need an inhaler, but touch wood that hasn’t happened for a few years.

What’s annoying me is I wanted to help Mum around the house and already have been told to sit down twice as I look washed out. I can’t sleep as I never do during the day and secondly want to spend as much time with Mum as I can. So we’ve sat watched films, read books and had long chats about everything and anything.

My friend Kirsty told me recently she wanted to move away and initially I felt against it, then I thought why?, well she’s one of the fantastic people in my life and I didn’t want to lose her but I won’t, and I decided I needed to work out how to support her and help her dream, still working on it mind. My Mum has been talking about the lack of bungalows and council houses in Spenny, and how one day she might have to move into one. If you had asked me a few years back, I would have again said no, it’s where I grew up, but to be fair it’s a house, and yes it has a fantastic garden but it doesn’t serve my purpose anymore. And with everything that happened with my Dad and how he treated us I would love to help my Mum move and start afresh. Things, objects, houses aren’t important, as I read in Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard book this afternoon, ‘You still take yourselves with you wherever you go’. So in the end, material things don’t matter yet we cling onto them for dear life.

Although I am full of lurgy I am so pleased to be around my family. Next year I hope to be settled in a job whether current or new and hopefully sort a car out of use trains more and just visit Mum. Because in the end we human and need human comfort and I may be 34 but I definitely still need my Mum from time to time.

As for society, a word to the wise or a word for the future prime minister and council who keep selling off council houses and building houses on green land and talk of knocking down my fab old school that was recently used in BBC’s George Gently to build even more houses. STOP! firstly they’re aren’t big enough to swing a cat, secondly where’s the green area for people to sit out in and kids to play, where are the school’s that kid’s need to go to? and stop closing libraries, yes people may not be borrowing books as much, and that’s ruined by supermarkets and the e-reader, but in 10 years time when we don’t have any place to meet people and tea mornings no longer exist or the idea of borrowing a book is outdated and kids are hanging out in shopping centres more and more, we will be turning round and saying we need to educate our young in the art of reading and socialising. And then there’s our older generation, how many bungalows do you see being built among these new houses? Not many I bet. My Mum has talked about moving into a bungalow and I would love that for her, It wouldn’t only mean a fresh start but I would she wouldn’t have to worry about heating the whole house or climbing stairs later in life etc. After all what’s a house you grew up in apart from memories, bricks and mortar. So please when you build houses stop trying to ram people in small spaces and let them have room to swing a cat when they feel like it (but not literally) To be able to have a small piece of land and call it a garden and not just be the area surrounding the house. We are human, we need space, we need greenery and the more we build the more we take away. And another thing, how is it so easy to put houses up in a blink of an eye but take weeks to fix a pot hole????

These are not researched facts these are just my thoughts but if I could fix the world I would do my best. libraries would have tea mornings, book clubs would be held people would learn things and people would remember how toi communicate before we had facebook and Twitter.

It’s just a thought.

Thank you for reading



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