Tonight Matthew, I am going to be ………

…. a zombie.

Once again another event happens via a tweet. This time it was to be a zombie at the Thackray Museum in Leeds:

 ‘We need Zombies to help at our event on 31 October. Contact for further info.
I thought this would be amazing, considering I can be one of the world’s jumpiest people, I thought I could get my own back in a way by trying to scare others. I was worried I’d be a bit crap at it, but I amazed myself and got told at the end I was brilliant. They had heard me scaring people and said I had done a great job. I asked if I could return next year and they said ‘yes just email us’. So can’t wait.

I didn’t tell a soul, I thought people I know might turn up and didn’t want them knowing so I could surprise them and other people. The other problem was work. shifts kept changing and couldn’t guarantee time off, but it all worked out in the end even with my Saturday shift changing at the last minute. With no car I had to work out how to get there and luckily the no86a left from my area to get straight there.

I arrived with an hour to go and people already starting to get dressed up. I got my coat and got help from people to do the make-up. I have a fair idea now of what to do next year and know that I am not allergic to face paint. it actually did wonders to my skin and came off.

There was a good mix of people to. What I loved most is how friendly everyone was and how we all started helping each other out with make-up.

When we all found our places ready to begin, I was so nervous. I had some amazing people around me. We banged on windows, walls, jumped out and screamed, followed people. One guy caught me smiling and tried making me laugh so I just kept smiling which freaked him out more, then asked his girlfriend if he could take the zombie home.

The funniest thing was the hard part was the waiting for people to come round but the time went so quick I was sad to leave. It’s so funny how the dark can change our senses. My eyes adapted quite easily to the dark and I could see people walking through scared clinging onto each other than I timed it to scream and hey presto.

The funniest one was a group came through and two men were in it and when I screamed they both ran past. They came round another two times and I got them each time, on the third time one went ‘At least the screaming one isn’t here’. I had to stop myself laughing. But the best one was the poor staff member who I caught out and she sprinted through the section and carried on going, like something off a cartoon, poor lass.

So for me this is my proudest moment of 2014, I am so glad I did it, it did me the world of good and can’t wait until next year to do it again.

Thank you for reading



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