Christmas read for Helen thanks to Enid Blyton challenge


There’s a book I missed for the challenge and I’m kicking myself that I can’t remember reading it or added it to the list. It was one fo my favourites. it’s the Adventures of the wishing chair. I found a post here which I found while researching her other books today and loved the piece written about Enid, see below:

adventures-of-the-wishing-chair-2“Fill your mind with all kinds of interesting things—the more you have in it, the more will come out of it. Nothing ever comes out of your mind that hasn’t already been put into it in some form or other. It may come out changed, re-arranged, polished, shining, almost unrecognizable—but nevertheless it was you who put it there first of all. Your thoughts, your actions, your reading, your sense of humour, everything gets packed into your mind, and if you have an imagination, what a wonderful assortment it will have…

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