Withnail & I – 10 moments that made this comedy a classic


Paul Tanter says it was the dialogue in Withnail & I that made him want to write films (Picture: Supplied) Withnail & I has a lot to teach us (Picture: Anchor Bay Entertainment)

You can learn a lot from classic comedies.

How to ‘be the ball’. The meaning of San Diego. The best strategies for coping with the zombie uprising.

But there’s one particular comedy that still has a lot to teach us, almost 30 years since its release.

Withnail & I, a semi-autobiographical tale from writer/director Bruce Robinson, is packed full of life lessons, from the merits of drinking meths, the comparative qualities of carrots and geraniums and the best way to avoid the advances of a lecherous ageing thespian.

So, ahead of the release (on Monday, November 3) of a sumptuous limited edition box set of the film, we’ve taken a look back at the moments that made this cult comedy into an utter classic.

The opening credits


To the soothing tones of an instrumental, saxophone-driven version of…

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