Pecker Pig: These biscuits are definitely not suitable for children


A little rude? (Picture: George Hughes) A little rude? (Picture: George Hughes)

With a drooping pink nose and huge beaming smile, Peppa Pig is a favourite of children everywhere.

So it is understandable that businesses want to cash in on the franchise.

That’s what one bakery was thinking with these Peppa Pig biscuits – but they didn’t turn out quite right…

The X-rated Peppa Pig biscuits come just one day after Tesco found itself in hot water for its unfortunate genitalia-shaped buttermilk logo.

George Hughes, a 21-year-old trainee accountant from London, snapped the picture and posted the result on his Facebook page.

‘So I found these “Peppa pig” cookies in a bakery… They make me feel uncomfortable,’ he wrote.

Mr Hughes said he took the picture while on holiday in Yorkshire.

Sadly he couldn’t remember the name of the shop – but Metro can confirm it definitely wasn’t a Tesco bakery.

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