Iceland’s ‘minge pies’ are a perfect example of why typography is important


Every year the supermarkets try to bring a little something different to our table for Christmas, but this year you might not be too pleased to see what’s on offer.

Some very poor font choice on Iceland mince pies seems to have given them a much ruder name, apparently.

According to Iceland the image has been doctored, and if you look at the box featured on the supermarket’s website it seems pretty obvious that this was a Yuletide photoshop prank that got way out of hand.

A spokesperson said: ‘The picture has most definitely been altered. As you can see from the genuine pack shot, the font does not appeared as the Photoshopped version would suggest.’

Not to everyone's taste (Picture: Iceland) The website shows the real box, which looks slightly more like the word ‘mince’ (Picture: Iceland)

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