This time last year

I started a session of cognitive behavioural therapy. I recently went back through those notes as I felt I was falling apart again because I was surrounded by negative people. I really have an affliction against it now. One job I had a few people were constantly moaning and one kept blaming me for their mistakes when I wasn’t even there.

I’ve found some notes I made then and have seen that I have actually achieved the goals we set.

* To increase social contact (continuous)

* To tolerate silence – it to feel acceptable – not to feel sense of loneliness (at the time 4/10)

* To manage the dread of Monday mornings – not wanting to go in and face a barrage of phone calls about what was wrong or not been done – to find the place untidy etc

* To continue confronting people, to feel heard, assertively

Obviously my tactfulness comes into it somewhere and my approach was looked at. I think the main issue was to get people to listen instead of having there hackles up the minute I tried to speak to them

I can’t say I’ve perfected them, but I definetly see the signs now as they happen and sometimes can control them. So next time you feel things getting too much, write it down, throw it away, go for a walk, clear your head, anything because you are strong and everyone has blips, we’re only human after all.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.


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