4 years ago today…


…..I signed my life away as a newly single person and signed up to rent the first house I viewed with the guide of some friends. I was at the time shutting myself away in an attic of another friends house and just doing my best to be a functioning human.

Today, I still live in the same place. Onto my third job of the year. I don’t have contact with 50% of the people from that time and there’s a good reason for that. It’s also in this 4th year I’ve been able to feel settled in this house and not tried to stay away as much as possible. I do think though my obsession with cleaning has knotched up a level or two but not quite as much as them people on that channel 4 programme. I just have to have things tidy because as much as I try at work with the new coffee grinders I just can’t have a clean work surface. order in chaos and all that rubbish.

Over the weekend I spent time with my lovely friend Kirsty in preperation for our book club meeting last night and it made me realise it’s what life is all about. Hence my need to drill into work that I need am shifts on these particular days of the month to attend book club and gain some sanity back from the work life. All I hear these days is ‘book club, what’s that, do you sit and read?’ ‘What you go into a group of strangers and talk?’ ‘Oh I couldn’t do that’

My response, I didn’t think I could until I tried and as 2014 has been notoriously tough and barriers springing up at every turn, yesterday Kirsty and I decided on a plan of action involving fitness, theatre and trips around the UK.

So watch this space.

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to me!

Thank you for reading



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