I need to go to be book club anonymous.

I’m having withdrawal systems and anxiety of missing tomorrow nights meeting where two become one and it’s a book that needs discussing and thinking sunset beach wasn’t as heavy as this when meg woke up or Dorothy did in wizard of Oz. Sorry plot. Spoilers. For a book with a great idea a lot of it went over my head and could have been cut out. But that’s not manifest problem. From weeks of negativity at work my only joys of being around positive people who
accept me ad I am, or at least I think they do, is now under threat.

There’s not much I can do at the moment unless I make a few miracles happen

I also realise how much time I have been glued to fb since the laptop went into hospital and howuch I need to get back into reading properly and try doing it with no noise.  I never seem to be able to enjoy the peace.



Lots to plan.lots to change and like last year will be asking santa for a little help

Thank you for reading

Brought to you by my crappy phone. 🙂



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