Be brilliant everyday

Do not judge what other people are going through. Do not tell them that it’s easy and get frustrated when they don’t get it. Don’t tell someone to keep smiling when quite clearly they don’t feel like it. Don’t tell them to pull themselves together because people elsewhere are worse off for in that moment, you don’t know what or how that person is feeling and probably could just do with an ear to listen and a hug to let them know that everything is ok even if they feel the world is saying no to them.

I read a book over the weekend  called how to be brilliant everyday and it just blew my mind. It’s the best self help book I have ever read. I read it in 4 hours. that’s a record for me. I had it in my to read pile for ages and over the weekend I was at my friend’s just me and the girls (Dogs called Misty and Maisy) in my pj’s drinking coffee and eating cake. It did me the world of good. When I finished I was like omg! wtf! everyone needs to read this, it will help so much even if people think its nonsense.

Yesterday I was going to come home and sort stuff out for work but in the end I decided not to and I’m so glad I did. I just didn’t want to come home, be on my own and worry about how today’s shift would go in a new store as I needed to retrain in certain areas. So not only dreading going to new store I realised I’m missing book club on Sunday. everything has been swapped so many times I missed it and was so annoyed. The book took such an effort to read and was ready to see if anyone else ranted about it. But it’s life, I just hope I miss the other two clubs this month. Everything crossed. Book club is a big part of me. If I don’t go I’ll feel so lost.

Anyway today wasn’t as bad as I thought. The experienced colleague did most of the work but once they relaxed and realised what I could do they settled down. Even better they told the area manager I was good. go me. fingers crossed it all works out.

And another gripe for me, I ended up talking to someone I knew from volunteering which spurred this blog post. Everyone is allowed to like anything they want and we shouldn’t judge them, we’re humans and we all have our own tastes. What we should do is stop, look and listen (yes that’s how you should cross the road to) because you never know you might learn something new, something useful or maybe not. You may also be the only person to have spoken to that person in that day, and when I mean spoken, properly chatted about everything and anything. So please make someone’s day. Take time to understand a person may be struggling even if you think its easy. And if you need proof, watch the Pride of Britain awards or even better go volunteer somewhere.

Thank you for reading



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