It feels like Mary Poppins bag today

I’m loving today, I want more days like this. I have been out since 8am, changed tops at Primark, got Lego from smiths as requested by my sister and I got one to for going :D. Finally got jeans!!! changed my rucksack as it had split. And food shopped. I was let on the bus first as I had way too many bags. I then was home by 11am. I have since got three loads of washing on, cleaned the house and sorted a load of stuff from charity. All the stuff from my old house and more. I am now sitting happily sorting the office out and listening to the Frozen soundtrack.

I bumped into someone this morning, and they hadn’t seen me for a while, they said I looked less stressed than the last two years and looking a lot calmer. That might be because of everything I’ve been through, I’m not being called names anymore, I’m appreciated at work, and I do my best to avoid any negativity or negative people. I also seem to have my blood pressure under control after I found out it’s low. Hence why I felt so crappy over the past year or so. I know see signs that I need to drink, or grab a banana or bag of crisps. not too many crisps mind but if I feel a bit off it works a treat. You see apparently you need salt when you have low blood pressure so I’m trying to balance my diet. I’m also try walking a lot more rather than getting public transport. I’m also trying to keep track of things by writing lists, as I have a shocking memory, and  it needs repeating processes for it to actually stick.

So what to do with the rest of the day? Like I said I’m sorting my office out and see what else can be ousted out the house and what work I haven’t finished but promised to do and then just crash out and watch cheesy films. Lets have more days like this please.

Thank you for reading



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