Customer Service…it works both ways you know.

I’ve found recently, I’ve know all along really, I think it’s just I’m starting to feel better about myself and how things are at the moment, that retail is one of the hardest sectors to work in. In recent years due to everyone tightening their belts, employers too, everyone wants more for their money, and damn right to!

However, that seems to bring lots more work, bad attitude, stress, and long hours for little pay in most places. Queue’s need to be kept to a minimum, nobody must wait for a set amount of period. Problem is anywhere you go especially on an afternoon, there’s always less staff on to cope with these queues.

Whatever time of the day it is and a person is left waiting means the poor customer service person (probably only in some cases) Is dreading how the next person is going to react. Yesterday I waited in a queue to talk to and hand over a cheque to make sure it was deposited safely and I was taken out just before I reached the counter, to be shown how to use the machine. It’s the same in supermarkets with these stupid self service things, that are ok until you put a bag of crisps on there then alarm bells go off and green light starts flashing requesting assistance and over stomps the cashier with their magic key. So if this is you, ask why they are stood in the queue, they might be lonely and want some human contact, That mught be the first person they’ve seen all day and you’ve just ruined it. It’s great having all this technology but sometimes the old ways are sometimes the best.

In retail, your told to smile constantly, greet the customer and ask how their day is. 90% of the time it feels like you shouldn’t have bothered. Then there’s the people who explode at you when somethings not right. If you just stayed calm you’d get a fantastic service, a replacement and out of there before you can say purple watermelons. But no, people have to throw a tantrum like a 5 year old and stop listening and it takes longer to sort out, by which point the assistant is fed-up and the rest of the shift is ruined.

Like I said in another post, we’re only human and need to look out for each other. People working in retail provide customers a service by selling them the goods they want but not always need or incase of needs food etc. As customers you are providing the service to allow us to have a job, to pay our bills and to buy the things we need. So please remember if you get bad service or your having a bad day, just stop and think before you react. It’s not easy, I know, but see how much of a difference it makes to the rest of your day.

Thank you for reading.



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