Enjoy the moment

This morning I was up at silly o’clock, out walking my friend’s dog before work and then did a 4.5 hour shift and it was the best yet. I don’t know if it’s down to the exercise I got or the fact yesterday was pretty awesome, relaxing and walking with Bez (the dog) and exploring the area.

When I got on the bus I did manage to spill my coffee over me but thankfully by this time it was cool enough not to burn. So if you wonder what the temperature of your coffee is the way it is it’s so it’s drinkable straight away and if you were to spill it you wouldn’t necessary burn yourself, that’s what a certain coffee shop told me last year.

Although this year has turned out quite different then expected something even better has turned up and that’s my new role as pet sitter. I don’t have any, firstly ‘m not allowed pets in my house and secondly it just wouldn’t be fair on them with the varied hours I’ve worked this year. Plus I’ve only managed to start looking after myself properly. I seem to have become very popular and have found loads of activities to do and have a better social life then I did 4/5 years ago. It’s bloody amazing!

Today I took Bez out to explore the nearby woods and it was amazing. I really need to explore Leeds more. There’s so much green area around if you know where to go. And when you’ve been working and indoors all day or for a few hours its just good to take the time out and enjoy the random British weather.

Plus if you have a dog it’s even better, especially when you go into the woods or parks as you can chase things. So far it’s been four cats, a squirrel and what turned out to be a plastic bag and not a bird as I first thought. 😀

so take some time out, borrow an animal or volunteer to dog sit at your local rescue centre if they do that as it’s so much fun.

Thank you for reading



2 thoughts on “Enjoy the moment

  1. I get to walk Bess (K’s parents’ chocolate lab) on occasion and there’s nothing better than going out for a ramble with her bumbling along next to me. 🙂

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