Remember next time your shopping or ordering food…..

…..that the person behind the till,bar,counter is a person not a robot and just because you haven’t woke up or are having a crappy day or are queuing and nobody isn’t taking any notice of how long you have been there, just remember the person waiting to serve you may be having a crappy day, may not feel well, has been standing on their feet for several hours, no food or drink and constant streams of orders or customers coming through the till and trying not to make a mistake. And there are the ones who will give bad service but for the rest, its their full time job and what they spend most their time doing.

And next time you see the word ‘trainee’ spare a thought for them, they already feel like they stand out like a sore thumb, already nervous to try to remember the 90 steps to a recipe they’ve had to learn. What makes it worse is all the background noise and then when you give them your special recipe it makes it twice as hard. I fully understand everyone is different and the society we now live in has no patience what so ever, but please next time you’re in a queue or ordering coffee just think about the person behind the bar.

Today I wanted to not complain at all. It was an 11 hour shift and wanted to get through it as easy as possibly. I did all the crappy jobs just to keep myself moving I also give myself a bit of variety.  I did well until the afternoon  around 4pm when it started to drag and as I was getting tired was getting slower and making mistakes or having to repeat orders which I didn’t understand like a half-shot-skinny-wet-latte apparently that’s simple and then there’s the ones looking at their watches as they wait but there’s only one machine and steaming milk isn’t as easy as it looks.

Anyway I am proud of today as I stayed quite calm and managed to get through queues of people and create almighty mess with coffee beans, whipped cream and whatever I felt like spilling across the counter. Its like what they say with driving, take a break. Look after yourself better, so that when your colleague goes on a cigarette break 10 minutes before they leave, make sure you do as well, and if you don’t smoke have a cake break, makes all the difference,

All I need now is a million pound lottery win to get a house and car and then spend time plotting to find my very own Mr Darcy who can wash up and cook while I go to book club. 😀

Thank you for reading



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