It’s all about the coffee

Today I was back at work after 3 days away and my barista training. I was really nervous as I had made perfect coffee whilst training and I was so worried about not being able to repeat it. But after a few mishaps, forgetting how to make the froth, spilling the milk and spreading coffee everywhere, the usual start to my mornings I actually achieved perfect milk, with a lovely frothy cappuccino and a flat white. I got so giddy I did a perfect flat white I accidentally knocked it and it spilled slightly down the side. But I did it. I have never felt so proud. Actually there’s very few times where I have felt like this and I was literally on cloud nine. One is the success of book club and what’s happening with Leeds Book Club. Another is the projects with radio shows with Kirsty and what we have planned for the future, oh and passing my driving test even though I haven’t driven for a year. 

I only wish I could bottle this feeling up as its amazing. Like these three little flowers in my garden. So be grateful for the small things, they could turn into big things.

BwqwS8CCUAAlIWuThank you for reading




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