Lets get planning!

After two days off, I am so glad I took time out to do some reading and organising and me time. I’ve not touched anything to do with work and have caught up with reading books, it was so hard to sit still. I was even sat on the doorstep yesterday morning at 7:30 enjoying the sun before it moved over the road a few hours later. 

I managed to do a book review, granted it took a few hours but I really enjoyed it. I also have the house clean and tidy and it feels like home. I am really proud of how I’ve got it organised. I’m just still amazed at the amount of stuff I have. There’s now a dozen bags downstairs awaiting to go to charity. A lot of bad memories attached to objects.

It’s funny, a few months back I was ready to get rid of furniture because it reminded me of someone I don’t like because they bought it for me, then I thought no, because I need this stuff and at the moment I”m going no where and what’s the point in getting rid of it when I’ll just have to just go through the hassle to buy new stuff again. 

It’s funny how we attach emotions and feelings to inanimate object, we have to get rid of it because it reminds us of something upsetting, when really its not the objects fault its us reflecting our emotions onto it. I mean I still have my laptop and a friend (who I don’t see anymore) helped me get it and I’ve never got rid of that. Perhaps I don’t hate them so much or I love my laptop more. I just don’t know.

Anyway I’m rambling. The point is I just spent a few hours with a good friend and have the buzz to get planning. I can’t wait until I get my filofax refill either next month or at Christmas, so thanks to the digital online calender pointed out by my friend I have printed it out and I’m ready to start planning. So get your diaries out Kirsty and Niamh I’m eager to get planning!!!!

Thank you for reading




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