Book review: The 7 Ahas of Highly Enlightened Souls: How to Free Yourself from All Forms of Stress by Mike George

The 7 Ahas of Highly Enlightened Souls: How to Free Yourself from All Forms of Stress  by Mike George


About the book

‘The AHA moment, or the eureka experience, is a moment of profound insight into our own lives which we can all reach. It usually happens when we stop mentally struggling, when we’re open to new ways of seeing, and it can change your life and the lives of others. In section one of this book, Mike George deals with seven myths about the stresses and problems of life, showing that we are responsible for ourselves. In section two he provides seven essential insights into your self, and in section three he gives seven moments of action and transformation.’-

About the Author:

This book is the fruit of many years of running seminars and retreats for spiritual groups and major corporations. a widely travelled leader and facilitator in the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Mike lives in London. He has previously authored ‘Discover Inner Peace’ (Chronicle) and ‘Learn to Relax’ (Chronicle).

My thoughts:

This is the second book I’ve read lately dealing with the mind. I just finished a book about a goal keeper who had depression and how that not only affected him but the people around him when he decided to take his own life. This however is a self help book and although the previous one helped to point out warning signals, This one helps you recognise them, not in depth but shows how you can try conquer them. I think with the amount of literature out there today this is a good short course on how to retrain your way of thinking.

I think the main focus is on stress, and it being one of the biggest problems for ill health in humans and what is its cause? Humans! We create this invisible force and spread it like wild fire then wonder why we get ill quickly or dislike ourselves and environment.

‘Stress is a form of pain that comes to tell you there is something you need to change. Pain – any pain – is a messenger saying there is something you need to learn.’

Ask yourself:

‘What are you thinking right now?’

‘What are you feeling right now?’

‘What is the quality of each?’

Last year I did Cognitive behavioral therapy and it was one of the most amazing things to do. I keep wanting to refer to it but somehow manage to avoid it. This book touches on the idea of rewiring our thoughts, not just to clear our minds but to lift our spirits and waken our souls. I liked the idea of how beauty is not on the outside, that is not our bodies, or what or how we are shaped that make us beautiful but what we think and believe on the inside and project out.

When you smile, and someone says I love your smile that is created from within. It was kind of my aha moment. so if I’m sad I must look ugly or less pretty and that’s why people think I look mad/angry. Or I could just be hungry 😀 .

The main subject of the book is to try to get you to think of how you feel and think has an effect on you as a person, how you react to your surroundings and I think its a great mini guide for anyone wanting to change the way they are feeling.

‘You don’t have to be a doctor to diagnose and treat stress’ – Only you know the thoughts and feelings that lie at the root of your stress, and only you can change your thoughts, emotions and feelings’. 

 If it’s true what it says in the book that we process ‘50,000 thoughts a day’, well no wonder we’re all going a bit mad. ‘thoughts are noise’ With the amount of technology we have to get to grips with these days, that apparently make our lives easier, but to me just cause more problems, We end up absorbing so much useless information that our brains cannot cope with it. Therefore when a problem occurs or workload increases quite rapidly we all go into panic mode and that’s when the trouble begins.

‘Beliefs can be likened to a computer program. They have been assimilated and learned during your whole life, and there are traces from previous lives.’

Towards the end of the book it starts to mention about meditation. About taking time out how if we stopped all these unnecessary thoughts we could process things better. having what was called an oasis moment – sitting and being quiet. no noise just you and your thoughts, have an ‘oasis moment’

‘A quiet mind can be creative. That’s why libraries are quiet to enable the brain to be more creative.’

That’s why we need to take better care of ourselves and stop all this noise running through our heads and save it for something more important. I haven’t done it for a while but writing thoughts down in a book really helps and I really need to get back into it.

‘One: it is not possible for the soul, that’s you, to possess anything, and two; if you don’t let go, nothing new will show up. Write down all your attachments internal (beliefs, ideas and memories) and the eternal (objects, people, places). Take one at a time and ask yourself what would it be like without them, rehearse your life without them, become accustomed to life without them.

And finally like all self-help books it mentions the art of letting go. Not just of thoughts but of objects to. One idea I find very hard to do, but have slowly been clearing out the clutter over the last few months.  I think I need to plan a visit to the charity shop so I know stuff has to be gone by a certain date and then there is a deadline and its done.

So if you want a quick and light book on changing your thinking I recommend this.

Thank you for reading



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