I wrote this

Just clearing out today and now onto the laptop and found this that I wrote from a 2 day writing/radio production course over 18 months ago

Beautiful sunny March morning, the sky is a rich sea blue. Walking up the cobbled streets filled with
quaint little shops, around the corner I suddenly see the Church, tall and proud, with open arms for
everyone and anyone who approaches. This mighty structure, will not judge, will not frown. It’s a
place of sanctuary for every living soul.

Further along the path to the entrance I see people snapping away on their cameras taking pictures,
recording rememorable moments. Walking past them to the church doors, I find something on the
door. It’s the Sanctuary knocker. It is fierce, mighty and important. Its duty is to test the strength of
those seeking sanctuary for all those needing a sense of peace. I try to remember that this building
was once somebody’s vision. This building was someone’s achievement. This building is a gift we all
can share.

Our lives are filled with noise, music, television, people talking, traffic moving, children crying,
headphones raging. It’s hard to take time and sit in silence for a little while. We forget we need a
sense of peace. A sense of togetherness. Funny, how when we walk into a place of worship,
regardless of religion we all become one. We become silent, we become equal. We do not judge, we
do not scorn, we embrace the silence, we embrace the beauty. The power of the building has a hold
on us. It allows us to sit, to kneel, to stand alone or together. Our voices are hushed. We sing a loud
chorus. We stand alone. We stand proud. We stand together.

We should learn from this building and remember we are not alone. It is easy for us to feel like that
and forget we’re only human. We need to come together, not just for Birthdays or Christmas; but
every once in a while just to remember who we are and why we should unite.


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