Do you wanna be in my gang?

‘D’you wanna be in my gang, a my gang, my gang,’

Well do ya?

The first half of 2014 has been quite a roller-coaster ride. I’m now in my third job of the year. Lets hope this one works out.

I finally got benefits from the job centre after filling in the wrong form to now being told that due to an error in tax code that they didn’t have right I have to pay some back. Hurrah!!!!!

A lesson for the future perhaps, one I didn’t learn the last time I become unemployed either which was to have back up savings. Only problem is my expenses are to high and I’ve cut back the best I can that savings are very scarce. But I have my health, good family and friend support, and of course book club.

Recently my sister bought me the murder she wrote series 1 for the hard work I put in for job hunting and landing a job. not this one another which I turned down due to an advert saying 40 hours only to be a zero hour contract. That is not a way to live.

All companies these days seem to want to offer contracts up to 25 hours but expect you to work up to 40. Then when there is no hours drop you down again. How did it ever come to this?

I know part of it is my fault for having so many bills etc and not being able to take these are taking two jobs at a time like most people do but  all I wanted was something to help me still dot he things I loved. It wasn’t for the want of trying to finally get something. I had  a really bad interview and apparently flexible is not we can allow you to do things its we will give you a week of early s and a week of lates etc also our security guard will take your pass off you before you’ve even reached the bottom of the stairs and the interviewer has said goodbye. bloody charming. Funny thing was I was on the bus home and saw an advert in a shop window, got home and sent CV off two hours later got a call and initial interview for a few days later and hey presto here I am happy as a sandbag watching diagnosis murder and Dick Van Dyke in drag and also playing 5 other characters (his cousins). 😀

Look what I found in a charity shop so cute
Look what I found in a charity shop so cute

 My next big task is to try and finish the on going project of operation move house. I saw at 5am this morning House Doctor and how the house was to big for the couple and they had filled every corner some of it with stuffed animals. Apparently whatever space you are in you fill it, and I have with this and there’s only me. last clear out I got rid of furniture and bags and bags of stuff. There’s at least 7 bags downstairs ready to go. I’m trying to find what’s really important and how I can get rid of two rooms of crap.  Also I need to stop shopping for two people or when I’m hungry, its a bad habit. I’ve now got a full fridge and likely to go out of date before I can eat it. Eyes bigger than my belly.

So count your blessings, save your pennies, take time out to read a book, join a club, speak to friends and family often, lend a hand, sing your heart out and most of all eat cake.

Thank you for reading



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