Everything is awesome!

Things are just starting to fall into place. I feel like I need to pinch myself. Part of me wants to shout how good things are for from the rooftops but then I feel like I might jinx it. Last week I unexpectedly ended up at a friends and then in between appointments I ended up staying most the week, I met her new dogs, called Misty and Maisy and was so pleased to be able to help my friends out by looking after them while they were at work. They got them from the Dogstrust and they’re the most cutest things ever, they’re terriers and each have their own characters. It helped me to, I got to sit still for a while, I worked on my laptop while they recovered from an operation. it was so sweet when they wanted cuddles. I also got to enjoy the sunshine by sitting in my friends garden and by the weekend taking the girls out for a walk. cutest thing ever! I thought our Milo was cute walking and how he plays sherlock, and these did the same, but kept bouncing off each other as they were on a double lead.

I have missed being able to read, I managed to pick up the secret diary of Adrian Mole and it’s quite funny. I’ve never been a quick reader and at the moment feel slower than ever. I also feel guilty sitting still for short periods of time, I think that’s why I was grateful to be looking after the girls. I had time to read. Today I did some housework. It’s amazing how much mess one person can make, especially when things get hectic and don’t put things away. I actually decided to rearrange the furniture. I’ve moved a book-case from upstairs which wasn’t being used to downstairs then moved the drawers to its place in the bedroom. I couldn’t shift the bed so that stays where it is.

Yesterday there was some interesting sights in Leeds. Not only with the state of fashion due to the sun being out, but I had just finished food shopping, you should never go when hungry although the fridge now looks healthy. Whilst waiting at the bus stop I heard this noise, it turned out to be a group of men on a parade. They had a megaphone, and were shouting things. It turns out they were protesting against events in Gaza. A lady got on the next stop and was laughing because she had seen them pass and said she thought rappers were coming down the street as they weren’t being clear what they were shouting.  I give them credit for voicing their opinions but I felt they hadn’t quite thought it through.

Today has been full of activity and having Murder She Wrote on in the background thanks to the dvd boxset my sister gave me, has kept me pottering around the house. I’m sure I’m creating mess in the house to just clean it up again. Must work on this and get organised.

Thank you for reading



2 thoughts on “Everything is awesome!

  1. I found myself watching an episode of Murder She Wrote the other day when I was off work. Forgotten how much fun it was. Angela Lansbury is awesome.

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