Happy 2nd blogging birthday to me!!!!

Whoop! two years ago I started this blog, some people haven’t liked what I’ve wrote, some people thought it was about them and it wasn’t (big egos) It’s helped me through good and bad times and I’ve learn’t so much from me writing and reading other blogs to. I just the little community it creates.

2 years!

Things are finally turning around for me. I was beginning to think my 30s were the worst years of my life but its just been a very rocky ride. I don’t know if I’m a better person from it or not but its been interesting.

There’s a thing going round FB that you type into google your name and ‘is a’ and something comes up, I must be doing it wrong as I got my name meaning. see below.

a girl who is awesome in all her ways. she is fly and skilled beyond belief. everyone else is jealous of her good looks.
Dang, look at Helen. Lookin` fly as always.Man, I wish I could be Helen.
A superhuman hero of sorts whose power will increase to include that of time travel after building herself a TARDIS. She just needs to find where she left the plans…oooo shiny…LALALALA!
Doctor Who? Doctor Helen
I have been doing loads of job searching in the last few weeks and had interviews good and bad, learning to ‘sell myself’ that sounds so wrong, has been quite interesting. Who is Helen, what can you offer. I think it finally worked.
In between that I have had a visit up north to see my sister and she gave me 1-3 boxset series of one of my favourite programmes, Murder She Wrote. Always loved it, watched it on my days off from college years ago and recently got back into it thanks to ITV3 at 7pm. Jessica is such an amazing character. since then I had to buy series 8 because one episode is recorded in the house used in the film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, or the psycho house as its known.  see more here
While looking for this series I also saw the game for £1 and bought that to. So along with other homework, I will be looking at having a go at finding stuff like Jessica.
This weekend is  a friend’s birthday and I’ve been staying at hers on and off this week looking after her new dogs, initially I was mean’t to be up north with my sister but had a few job interviews and then ended up staying at my friends and meeting these cute little girls. See the pics above, Misty is the black one and I lost her for 10 mins in the house as she was hiding under the desk. Maisy is the older one and loves cuddles. They both have lovely characters even if they have felt a bit poorly lately.
This is me!
This is me!
So a big thank you to everyone who has read my blog and hope you keep reading it.
Thank you for reading.

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