Tour de House: Stage one!

As the Tour de France comes to Leeds tomorrow I decide to after a long week of job hunting and failed interviews to start again on the project I keep putting off….. Clearing out the house of junk kept over the years.

My Sister rang me and said, ‘Should there be anything to be worried about because you’re cleaning or are you ok?’ Me cleaning to this extent means there’s something on my mind I can’t sort but I’m getting to the point where I’m repeating the same pattern. digging my heals in and hoping something will turn up or it will disappear. Like before it’s not working.

When I moved in here I think it was a form of escape, to be able to hide from everyone and hope the earth would swallow me whole. It didn’t, it just set me on a different path, with lots of stumbling blocks and quite clearly lots of lessons to learn which I’m failing miserably at. When my Sister rand one thing that stuck a chord was, ‘Don’t get rid of stuff you’ll regret later.’  I’m not, or trying not to. instead I’m sorting through stuff and stuff that is going is moving from the top room to the cellar/basement then in a few days I’ll arrange for a pick up from a charity shop and check it again. Last time I did this they got £20 extra via giftaid, it involved a few bits of furniture.

I have taken down the set of shelves, took over an hour as I didn’t have the right tools. I used a spanner instead but it got the job done. That with the other stuff now need getting rid of, but not sure how.

So best get back to it and go hoover up the mess where the shelves were

Thank you for reading



One thought on “Tour de House: Stage one!

  1. Helen I always love your posts, so full of the dilemmas most of us face, but often don’t admit. Hope to see you at Crowd of F. & will contact you otherwise re advice about graphics. All best with de-clutter, me on task too. Cheers, Sue

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