Tour de House: Stage 2

Its nearly done, been up since 6am this morning two episodes of charmed and one of diagnosis murder. Found a old work mag that had a letter of appraisal about me in it. Sorted through loads of stuff and got rid of 6 bags of rubbish. hoovered all the dust, yuk. Have found that I had stuff that I can’t remember bringing into the house. A bit worrying that. Things I’ve found that I thought why did I get that, to wow there it is!! I have lost the cable to my phone charger, but I always lose things when I tidy. It’ll be scooped up somewhere.

I just have the ‘office’ and the kitchen to sort through. The cover on the sofa has had a wash and come up bright white. oops. It’s amazing how  you can fill a space up so quickly and wonder how it happened some time later. It’s just amazing.

So if you have any tips on clearing the clutter let me know.

Thank you for reading




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