Sorting through the mess

When I was in  Waterstones waiting for book club to start I was wandering in the art section and saw this book ‘How to steal like an artist’. It was amazing , it mentioned about having an analogue and digital table. I thought that was a fab idea. So I have used my table to be for paperwork and moved my laptop back to the small folding table next to the sofa, so far its working. Here are some bits from the book.


‘I have two desks in my office — one’s “analog” and one’s “digital.” The analog desk has nothing but markers, pens, pencils, paper, and newspaper. Nothing electronic is allowed on the desk — this is how I keep myself off Twitter, etc. This is where most of my work is born. The digital desk has my laptop, my monitor, my scanner, my Wacom tablet, and a MIDI keyboard controller for if I want to record any music. (Like a lot of writers, I’m a wannabe musician.) This is where I edit, publish, etc.’


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